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„Here it is. My first album. An ending and a beginning of new things to come. It‘s been 25 years since I started playing as a sideman and I‘ve fuelled my songwriting with the experiences that I‘ve gathered. This album is concludes this period and marks a new beginning. Everything is changing and there is a new need for albums. We have the opportunity to reconstruct with heart and expertise. The opportunity to create something good.

I want to touch people with my music. Let them feel what I feel and share the joy that it creates. We will see each other on tour. Soon. Until then I will be performing annually at the DRETZEN FETZTIVAL, which will take place every August at the Kulturhof Dretzen. I‘m looking forward to everything, especially you guys. Live with heart. I‘ll see you soon. I love making and listening to music. Now I‘ve done both.“
(Felix Summer, 2023,


Felix Summer



Engineer for High Wave Audio

Recorded and mixed by Martin Mitdank


svgDunkles vom Fuzz
svgViaje a Chiloé
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