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I’m Warning You

I’m Warning You was produced and recorded in Sydney by Waldo Fabian; all the tracks in this album are original compositions and arrangements. German/Australian engineer Frank Kerestedjian, mixed this album. I’m Warning You is an album of ten tracks that blends Latin rhythms with electronic and funk styles. Waldo sung, played bass, guitar, and percussion in all the tracks in I’m Warning You. Additionally, session musicians were utilized to record the rest of the parts. These included Lee McIver on trumpet, Dan Waples on saxophone, amongst others. The album also includes two great club remixes completed by Waldo.

Waldo Fabian is one of Australia’s most exciting and original artists. Waldo was signed to Warner Chappell Music in Australia. Additionally, Waldo was also signed to the iconic Australian label Festival Mushroom Records. Waldo is currently signed to a worldwide publishing contract with BMG.
A founding member of the Catholics, he is a bassist, composer and producer who has worked with various pop, Latin and jazz bands and musicians in Australia and South America including Floyd Vincent, Swoop, Amazonia, Previous releases include: Dejame Tocarte, a South American release through Sony and Loco released in Australia through Festival/Mashroom records.

Waldo has also worked extensively with Australia’s top Djs as songwriter and re-mixer. Some of this works include Love Tatoo, (Sony), Mark Walton, and Craig Obey. Waldo has had his songs worked and remixed Anthony Copping, James Atkin (EMF) and Cliff Hewitt (Apollo 440).

His versatility also includes writing film scores and for television – his song Love Addiction featured in the HBO film Purple Haze. He composed and produced the score for Ramdom8.

Waldo is a well-respected academic and holds a PhD in Music. Waldo is the author of a number of scholar publications. One of his recent projects includes research on migrant musicians in Berlin. This project will include an album by oud player Nabil Arbaain.


Waldo Fabian


Latin, Jazz

HWA Engineer

Recording and Mixing by Frank Kerestedjian


mixed by High Wave Audio
Available now on:
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